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Below you will find a copy of our recent presentations:

New! David Papp - Internet Security

Help! Spim & Spam? Viruses & Worms? Firewalls? What does it all mean and how can I protect myself? This presentation covers all this along with the anatomy of a "hack", domain names, IP addresses, email headers, whois lookups, and how to protect you and your computer—all presented in a way that is applicable to a wide range of technical abilities.

1) Internet Security (PDF | 526 KB)
2) Minimum Windows Protection (PDF | 16 KB)
3) Wireless Security (PDF | 6 KB)

New! Jon Larson - E-mail Marketing for Small Business

E-mail marketing can be an effective and inexpensive way to promote your products, services or website. During this session, you will learn about electronic newsletters, the required tools and how to ensure that your message will not be blocked by spam filters. All this information will help your small business get the most out of e-mail marketing.

1) E-mail Marketing for Small Business (PDF | 816 KB)

SPAN-RAPS Conference (Saskatoon)

The following presentation was delivered at the recent SPAN-RAPS Conference in Saskatoon on Saturday, March 27, 2004:

1) E-Business Essentials: A Practical Approach (PDF | 3.3 MB)

Additional Resources:

Useful E-Business Links (PDF | 56 KB)
E-Business Options Info-Guide (PDF | 676 KB)
20 Ways to Build Trust (PDF | 17 KB)
29 Ways to Promote Your Website (PDF | 46 KB)