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Pan-Western E-Business Team

The Manitoba E-Future Centre is a member of the
Pan-Western E-Business Team

In its effort to strengthen Western Canada’s economy through programs that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable communities, Western Economic Diversification has supported the development of four e-business centres across the West, forming an integrated Pan-Western E-Business Team.

This team is comprised of the e-business centres at the four Canada Business Service Centres (CBSCs) in Western Canada. Through this Pan-Western Initiative, these e-business information centres will work more closely together to provide services that will advance the awareness of e-business practices within Western Canada’s business community.

Each e-business information centre helps SMEs adopt Internet technologies within its respective region. They educate both local entrepreneurs on a limited budget, who may not otherwise be able to afford e-business training, and rural small business people who lack access to in-house services.

The members of the Pan-Western E-Business Team include:

  • Alberta E-Future Centre in Edmonton
  • eBusiness Connection (eBC) in Vancouver
  • Saskatchewan E-Future Centre in Saskatoon
  • Manitoba E-Future Centre in Winnipeg

    Technology is the future of entrepreneurship, economic innovation and sustainable communities. And, the creation of a concerted, yet democratic, Pan-Western E-Business Team positions Western Canada as a global leader in this future. It increases our collective profile nationally, as well as regionally, and results in the development of a cost-effective and efficient resource model.