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E-Business Info-Guides

The Manitoba E-Future Centre’s E-Business Info-Guides were created for owners and managers of small to medium-sized companies in Manitoba who would like to use the Internet and e-business to reduce costs, add value to clients, and make their operations more efficient.

The Info-Guides focus on topics such as e-business planning and strategy, web site design, Internet marketing, selling online, and business-to-business e-commerce.

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1) Security and the Internet (PDF, 194 KB)
As companies look to the Internet as a mission-critical component of their business, security has become possibly the single greatest concern they face. When security breaches and large-scale viral attacks make national headlines, consumers typically feel helpless. This guide will introduce you to the topics of computer security on the Internet and provide practical tips to defend yourself.

2) Return On Investment (PDF, 218 KB)
There are many ways you can spend your investment and operating dollars. Everywhere you turn people and organizations are willing to show you how their product or service can help your small business. Internet and e-business solutions present such opportunities, but you must carefully consider the costs and benefits of your investment. It is not unusual for a casual approach to website development and web-enabled applications to result in an unprofitable project, rather than one that generates a positive return on investment.

3) Essential E-Business Partners (PDF, 240 KB)
From creative professionals to technical partners, a solid team and your personal commitment will ultimately determine the success or failure of your e-business.

4) Business-to-Business E-Commerce Basics (PDF, 190 KB)
This document will introduce you to the basics of b2b e-commerce from the perspective of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), separating fact from fiction, with a dose of common sense thrown in for good measure.

5) Distribution and Fulfillment Strategies (PDF, 207 KB)
Before launching your e-commerce site, you should plan out how you’ll ship your products to customers and fulfill the sale. There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the right shipping system, so that your customer orders arrive on time and in one piece.

6) E-Business Basics (PDF, 201 KB)
This Info-Guide is designed for beginners. It will help you understand the concept of e-business and how e-business can improve your own business processes. You will be able to test your own e-business readiness and learn where to go for more information on getting started with e-business.

7) E-Business Planning: Integrating the “E” into Your Business Plan (PDF, 214 KB)
This Info-Guide is designed for beginners. It will outline the importance of planning in any business endeavour. It will explain how e-business activities can be readily incorporated into a typical business plan. It will teach you how to identify e-business opportunities and challenges, and integrate appropriate e-business activities into your own business plan. Finally, it will provide more resources to help you get started.

8) Integrating E-Business into Your Small Business (PDF, 186 KB)
E-business can be defined as the use of the Internet to conduct business. For the most part, e-business is about your company’s website and how you use the site (and your e-mail) to help operate and grow your business. In today’s marketplace e-business is a very important tool that can help you increase sales and reduce costs.

9) Building an Effective Website (PDF, 228 KB)
Your website is the presence of your business on the Internet. It is important to understand how to properly develop a site that will effectively meet or exceed your business expectations.

10) Internet Marketing (PDF, 296 KB)
This Info-Guide is designed for beginners. It will explain Internet marketing basics and introduce you to popular Internet marketing techniques. It will offer suggestions for creating a successful Internet marketing strategy and outline techniques that you can use to measure your success online. Finally, it will include additional Internet marketing resources.

11) Internet Search Engine FAQ (PDF, 210 KB)
For businesses that have already established their online presence, the next logical challenge is marketing their website. One of the most powerful online marketing tools is the search engine. This document will try to answer the most common questions received at the E-Future Centre regarding search engines.

12) Internet Payment Processing FAQ (PDF, 186 KB)
For online retailers looking to add real-time payment processing to their website, the process can often be confusing and time-consuming. This document will endeavour to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive at the E-Future Centre regarding payment processing over the Internet.

13) Introduction to Selling Online (PDF, 197 KB)
The global reach of the Internet has enticed many retailers -- from home-based businesses to large corporations -- to sell their products online. Going from a web presence to selling online is usually not as simple as adding a picture of your product to a web page. If you have decided to take the leap and sell your products online, this guide will provide a common-sense approach to the world of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce.

14) Internet Auctions (PDF, 186 KB)
This Info-Guide will explain how Internet auctions work and will outline the distinct advantages small business owners can gain from using online auctions to sell their products or services. It will address key issues to consider before getting started, and will provide additional online resources to help you learn more about selling through Internet auctions.

15) Internet Privacy (PDF, 182 KB)
Privacy is often defined as the right to be left alone, or the right to not have information about you collected, or used or disclosed without your consent. In recent years, privacy has become a hot topic. Governments around the world have reacted by introducing new laws to deal with real or perceived dangers arising from digital and computer technologies and the ability to process and organize data in new ways.

16) Online Legal Issues (PDF, 183 KB)
This guide explores some key cyberlaw issues – the legal issues of e-business – that you need to consider.

17) Updated! Starting a Business in Manitoba - Basic Guide to the Legal Requirements (PDF, 472 KB)
This publication has been developed and compiled by the Canada/Manitoba Business Service Centre and is intended as a brief overview or guide to many basic business legal requirements in Manitoba.

18) E-Exporting (PDF, 250 KB)
There are many things to consider when exporting. This Info-Guide will help you answer many of the key questions related to e-exporting.