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E-Business Info-Guides

The E-Future Centre's 25 E-Business Info-Guides were created for owners and managers of small to medium-sized companies in Alberta who have basic computer skills, are able to conduct Internet searches, and have at least a basic to intermediate knowledge of business basics in accounting, marketing, operations, human resource management, and business law.

The Info-Guides are set up sequentially in terms of e-business adoption. The first step is to develop an e-business plan and carefully analyze ways to reduce costs, add value to clients, and improve efficiencies with clients and suppliers. Next you'll look at essential e-business partners and where e-business can take you.

Additional Info-Guides focus on developing your web site, marketing your web site, selling online, conducting business-to-business e-commerce, and streamlining your supply chain.

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All E-Business Info-Guides

1) E-Business Glossary (PDF | 537 KB)
When exploring the potential of e-business, you will come across hundreds of new terms and concepts. This concise glossary, focused specifically on e-business will help you make sense of the terms and concepts you encounter.
2) Strategic Planning (PDF | 390 KB)
Entering the world of e-business requires a lot of work. Find out what steps can be taken to ensure that your company's existing strategy does not conflict with your Internet related goals.
3) Developing an E-Business Plan (PDF | 305 KB)
The first critical step that needs to be taken on the way to e-business success is creating an e-business business plan. Here is an overview of the key components that should be included and some questions that need to be asked in order to meet your e-business objectives.
4) Essential E-Business Partners (PDF | 289 KB)
There are a number of different organizations that are needed to successful operate on online business. Many of the functions these organizations provide can be outsourced to save you money. Here are some of the key elements that need to be considered.
5) Domain Name Registration (PDF | 305 KB)
A memorable domain name can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. This Info-Guide includes tips on how to create the perfect domain name and how to go about registering it.
6) Where Electronic Commerce Can Take You (PDF | 299 KB)
You have successfully made the jump online. Where do you go from here? This Info-Guide looks at some ways to keep up with the ever-changing world of e-commerce.
7) Building Your Online Store (PDF | 338 KB)
This Info-Guide describes four essential elements needed to open an online store and offers advice on how to assess what you need to build your store.
8) Planning Your Online Store (PDF | 381 KB)
An e-business plan provides direction for establishing an online presence. How can you best analyze all of the prospects? Where do you want to take your business? How can the Internet help you? This Info-Guide helps answer these critical questions and more.
9) E-Business Info-Guide
This Info-Guide is a document designed to help you navigate through the different government programs, services and regulations which deal with e-business.
10) E-Purchasing for Businesses (PDF | 308 KB)
The Internet offers an abundance of buying and cost-saving opportunities to the business owner. This Info-Guide takes a closer look at some of the available options.
11) Essentials of Web Site Design (PDF | 306 KB)
There are several essential elements that every successful web site will have. Design tips, necessary sections, and common mistakes are covered in this topic.
12) Search Engine Optimization (PDF | 486 KB)
How will your clients find your web site amongst the millions of other sites that are competing for your clients' attention? One very important way is through search engines and directories. Learn more about the major search engines/directories, how to improve your search engine placement, and what they look for in sites.
13) Who Will Design Your Web Site (PDF | 314 KB)
This Info-Guide goes through the pros and cons of the countless available options to consider when deciding who you will trust with designing your site.
14) Web Marketing Checklist (PDF | 312 KB)
Over a dozen tips on how to promote your site, attract attention, and direct that all-important traffic onto your site.
15) Attracting and Keeping the Customer (PDF | 337 KB)
This Info-Guide walks you through some of the marketing techniques and innovative approaches that are available to help create the improve customer retention.
16) Supply Chain Basics (PDF | 299 KB)
E-Commerce has fundamentally changed the supply-chain as we know it. A new, customer-focused, reality has emerged. By learning how to effectively use the Internet and its related technologies, this Info-Guide can help you take contribute to the creation of a smoother, more efficient, supply chain.
17) Supply Chain Management (PDF | 338 KB)
The first step to participating in the connected economy of e-business is planning your supply chain. This Info-Guide contains some factors that need to be considered in order to take advantage of a faster, more efficient, supply chain.
18) Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce Overview (PDF | 348 KB)
Business-to-business e-commerce is the next phase in the global Internet revolution. The b2b marketplace is already the largest growth area in the Internet economy, and we are still nowhere near its predicted potential. This Info-Guide details b2b requirements, opportunities, and benefits.
19) Back-End Issues in E-Commerce (PDF | 449 KB)
Effectively integrating online operations with regular, day-to-day operations, can greatly increase the efficiency of a business. This Info-Guide outlines some key behind-the-scenes activities that can help ensure a well-built e-business.
20) Handling E-Commerce Returns (PDF | 305 KB)
A whopping ninety percent of online shoppers consider quality customer service a critical factor when choosing a web merchant. To be capable of offering superior customer service it is critical that your company is able to deal successfully with product returns.
21) Shopping, Shipping (PDF | 308 KB)
Security and privacy are some of your customers' biggest concerns when shopping online. Instilling a sense of confidence regarding your security measures can mean the difference between securing a sale and missing an opportunity. This Info-Guide examines merchant accounts, encryption, taxation, and other components involved in online sales.
22) Electronic Storefronts (PDF | 322 KB)
Electronic storefronts are virtual stores that can be created using only a keyboard, a mouse, and a browser. The advantages and disadvantages associated with different electronic storefronts are explored in this Info-Guide.
23) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (PDF | 331 KB)
What is CRM? Simply speaking, it is the broad category of concepts, tools, and processes an organization can use to garner information and gain a better understanding of everyone with whom it comes in contact. This Info-Guide offers a more extensive definition of CRM and what it can do for you.
24) Shipping Concerns with E-Commerce (PDF | 306 KB)
The factors that go into ensuring an efficient shipping service are often overlooked. This Info-Guide offers advice and resources you can use to make sure you have this important e-business topic covered.
25) Cross-Cultural Considerations (PDF | 306 KB)
E-Business has expanded a company's potential market from Canada's 30 million people to the world's 6 billion people. While it is very important to clearly define and narrow your target market, this Info-Guide discusses some important tips and considerations when marketing to various cultures.
26) Secure E-Transactions (PDF | 307 KB)
There are several technologies being used to help secure online transactions. This Info-Guide outlines the basic concepts of how they work.
27) Avoiding E-Fraud (PDF | 306 KB)
The anonymous nature of the Internet has left it vulnerable to the potential threat of e-fraud. This Info-Guide includes tips that will help you ensure that you never become a victim of e-fraud.