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Government Initiatives

Below is a list of e-business-oriented programs, services and some regulations of the provincial and federal government departments and other organizations that are partners of the Canada Business Service Centres and The Business Link Business Service Centre:
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All Government Initiatives

Alberta SuperNet
Alberta SuperNet is a Government of Alberta initiative to build a broadband network linking 4,700 libraries, schools, hospitals and provincial government offices in 422 communities province-wide in 2004. In addition, commercial service providers in areas which currently do not have high-speed connectivity options will be able to access Alberta SuperNet at current market rates, bringing competitive broadband services to most Alberta businesses and residences, whether they are in rural or urban areas.
AlbertaFirst.Com is a provincial, municipal, and industry partnership created to promote business and community development across the province of Alberta. This website has been designed to provide valuable information to businesses and entrepreneurs interested in starting a business or locating to Alberta. The website provides detailed listings, statistics, profiles and opportunities on key businesses, industry sectors, regions and communities throughout the province.
Broadband for Rural and Northern Development Pilot Program
The Broadband for Rural and Northern Development Pilot Program was created to assist those communities without broadband access. Most often, improved access is necessary in First Nations, northern and rural communities in order to provide services in the areas of health and education, as well as to augment economic opportunities. The Broadband Pilot Program conducted two rounds of business plan development funding, followed by two rounds of implementation funding, each with a competitive call by Industry Canada for the submission of applications from interested communities throughout Canada.
Business Development Support for Telecommunications and Information Technologies Sectors
The International Business Development Office (IBDO) offers various support services to Canadian telecommunications and information technology companies interested in exporting their products and services.
Canada's Computers for Schools Program
Canada's Computers for Schools Program helps schools and libraries take full advantage of the information age by channelling surplus computers into classrooms and public libraries across Canada. Businesses are encouraged to donate their Pentium 233 level and up surplus computers to the CFS program so that they can be repaired, refurbished and distributed free of charge to Canadian schools and libraries.
Canada's Innovation Strategy
Canada's Innovation Strategy is presented in two papers, Knowledge Matters: Skills and Learning for Canadians and Achieving Excellence: Investing in People, Knowledge and Opportunity. The strategy outlines the factors that will drive economic growth and social development over the next decade. The papers highlight the goals, milestones and targets that will improve innovation, skills and learning in Canada.
Canadian Company Capabilities
Canadian Company Capabilities (CCC) is an online database which profiles approximately 50 000 Canadian companies. It offers free registration to Canadian companies and is available globally through Strategis, Industry Canada's Web site. This database contains vital company information that can be searched to locate Canadian suppliers and distribution channels, to determine competition, to form partnerships and to uncover export ventures.
Community Access Program (CAP)
The Community Access Program (CAP) provides Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills to use it effectively. CAP has worked with community-based partners to establish a network of 6,800 public Internet access sites in rural and urban communities across Canada.
Computer Industry Resources Committed to the Leading Edge (CIRCLE)
The Canadian government's policy is to enhance the services it offers through the innovative use of information and technology. As one of the largest customers for information technology in Canada, purchasing close to $3 billion in goods and services each year, the federal government has a responsibility to recognize and promote the use of Canadian products and services wherever possible. The recognition of a company as a Canadian manufacturer provides government buyers with the assurance that they are buying a quality product and that the Canadian economy will benefit from their purchases.
Connecting Canadians
Connecting Canadians is a Government of Canada initiative helping Canadians to become the most connected people on earth, ready for the jobs and opportunities of today's knowledge-based economy.
Consulting Group
The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) provides customized consulting solutions to meet the complex challenges faced by today's Canadian entrepreneurs. Whether it's through individual consulting, group training, or a combination of both, BDC's Consulting Group (CG) helps innovative Canadian business succeed. These services are often combined with financial services to support an increasing number of innovative Canadian businesses prosper in today's global economy.
Deal Generator
Capital is key to any business venture, especially early-stage enterprises, which is where the Deal Generator comes in. We want to help budding entrepreneurs bring forward the kind of quality investment opportunities that angel investors are looking for. Designed with input from the investing community, the Entrepreneurial Program has four stages: Screening, Assessment, Pitch Readiness and Presentation to Investors. The program is a rigorous process that requires a significant investment of time and effort by the serious entrepreneur.
Doing Business in the Government Procurement Marketplace
This fact sheet provides information on doing business in the government procurement marketplace. Some definitions of terms related to government procurement are also offered.
Doing Business on the Internet
This fact sheet provides information on the Internet as a research tool, a networking tool and an advertising medium. Some definitions of terms related to the Internet are also offered.
E-Business InfoKit
The E-Business InfoKit consists of two CD-ROMs and a 128-page that provide information on establishing a web presence and pursuing e-business activities. The InfoKit is available online at the Alberta
E-Future Centre
E-Business Trade Roadmap
The e-business Trade Roadmap is geared to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who, as a result of establishing a web site, are potential exporters of products or services. The Roadmap is predominantly a series of hyperlinks to public and private sector web sites which focus on Internet-based international trade transactions. The series of links are grouped under subject headings of "Steps," which are the various stages of a commercial transaction carried out over the Internet.
E-Commerce First Step
Student Connections (SC) offers a series of services aimed at helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) better understand how e-business and e-commerce can benefit their daily business activities. From planning, promoting, and updating a Web site, to incorporating electronic payment processes into on-line activities, SMEs can learn the elements of a successful and marketable e-presence. E-Commerce First Step provides practical, cost-effective e-commerce training designed to meet the specific needs of each business client.
Edmonton - Advanced Technology Centre (ATC)
The Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) is a business incubator located in the Edmonton Research Park. This facility offers the support of a high tech community together with a collection of valuable business resources. With varying office sizes, companies can grow until they are ready to graduate into larger space in the Park or elsewhere in the City of Edmonton.
Events by Sector
Features a listing of links to upcoming events such as trade shows, conferences and seminars.
Export Link
Export Link is a specialized service of The Business Link funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada, dedicated to helping new and potential exporters reach out to global markets. Access the information, contacts, training and resources you need to get your export project started at the Export Link.
Guest Advisor Program
The Business Link's Guest Advisor Program provides you with the opportunity to speak with management consultants, lawyers, accountants, financial representatives and e-business experts, all who volunteer their time to discuss your business concerns.
Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)
The National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) is Canada's premier innovation assistance program for small and medium Canadian enterprises (SMEs). A vital component of the NRC, IRAP is a cornerstone in Canada's innovation system and is regarded world-wide as one of the best programs of its kind.
Informatics Professional Services (IPS) Marketplace
The IPS is an electronic procurement tool to assist federal departments and agencies, in the National Capital Area, in their procurements for informatics professional services, below the NAFTA threshold of $89 000. IPS is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Internet.
Institute for Information Technology (IIT)
NRC's Institute for Information Technology (NRC-IIT), one of the National Research Council's 19 research institutes and programs, assists industry through collaborative R&D; projects. NRC-IIT conducts scientific research, develops technology, creates knowledge and supports innovation.
Intellectual Property - IP Toolkit
The toolkit is based on the top questions that entrepreneurs ask about Intellectual Property (IP) including patents, trade-marks, copyrights and industrial designs. The toolkit provides an information component as well as a "how to" section.
MERX - Electronic Tendering Service
MERX is an online service that advertises government procurement opportunities to potential bidders. It is owned and operated by Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc that provides the service to the federal government under contract.
Northern Alberta Business Incubator (NABI)
The Northern Alberta Business Incubator (NABI), based in St. Albert, Alberta, is a business incubator providing space and services to planning-stage, newly started, and home-based businesses. Originally opened May 16, 1989 as the St. Albert Business Development Centre, NABI has since nurtured more than one hundred new businesses in the region.
The Retail Council of Canada and Industry Canada have partnered to develop and publish, a pipeline to practical, hands-on business information, resources and tools designed especially for Canada's retailers.
A single point of entry to the largest, most-comprehensive and up-to-date database of Canadian companies available online.
Student Connections
Industry Canada's Student Connections (SC) provides Canadian small and medium entreprises (SMEs) with short, practical e-commerce and Internet training sessions. SC services are delivered by highly qualified post secondary students employed to provide Canadian businesses with customized training on how they can use today's technologies to their business advantage.
Techfiles is Alberta's Technology Industry Directory, which profiles companies in Alberta's high technology industries. Sectors highlighted include software and new media, telecommunications (incl. wireless), biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, electronics and microelectronics, aerospace, geomatics, healthcare products and services, funding (Venture Capital) and IT Consulting.
The Truth About Grants
Many programs are targeted to non-profit organizations. Those that are for the private sector in Alberta, are usually for activities such as: export marketing, agri-food and high tech research, employment, aboriginal businesses, and Canadian literature.
Venture Capital (BDC)
BDC considers capital investments at any stage of a company's life cycle, from seed to growth, from acquisition or expansion to turnaround and will invest in both private and publicly listed companies.
Youth Internships NRC-IRAP
The National Research Council of Canada has two internship programs managed by the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). These programs provides financial assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to hire post-secondary graduates. These two programs are: (1) Internship Program with Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and (2) Collaborative Research Internship Program.

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