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E-Business Info-Guides

The Alberta E-Future Centre's 36 e-business Info-Guides are free documents, available in HTML & PDF, that have been created to help small business owners understand e-business and how to take advantage of online business opportunities.

The Info-Guides focus on key topics, such as e-business planning and strategy, web site design, Internet marketing, Internet security and privacy, selling online, and business-to-business e-commerce.

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Internet Marketing Info-Guides

1) New! Internet Marketing  |  PDF 221 KB
Understand how to use web development, search engine optimization, online advertising, e-mail marketing, blogs, and affiliate programs to increase traffic to your website.
2) Search Engine Optimization  |  PDF 147 KB
How will your clients find your web site among the millions of other sites that are competing for your their attention? One very important way is through search engines and directories. Learn more about how to improve your site's rankings in the major search engines.

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