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E-Business Info-Guides

The Alberta E-Future Centre's 36 e-business Info-Guides are free documents, available in HTML & PDF, that have been created to help small business owners understand e-business and how to take advantage of online business opportunities.

The Info-Guides focus on key topics, such as e-business planning and strategy, web site design, Internet marketing, Internet security and privacy, selling online, and business-to-business e-commerce.

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E-Business Basics Info-Guides

1) New! E-Business Basics  |  PDF 169 KB
This Info-Guide will help you understand the concept of e-business and how e-business can improve your own business processes. You will be able to test your own e-business readiness and learn where to go for more information on getting started with e-business.
2) New! Essential E-Business Partners  |  PDF 176 KB
Find out who you need on your e-business team and how to work effectively with them.
3) New! Business to Business E-Commerce Basics  |  PDF 164 KB
This document will introduce you to the basics of B2B e-commerce from the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), separating fact from fiction, with a dose of common sense thrown in for good measure.
4) New! Integrating E-Business into your Small Business  |  PDF 161 KB
This Info-Guide will help you identify ways to integrate e-business into your marketing and sales, operations, website, and customer relationships.
5) New! Return on Investment  |  PDF 165 KB
Understanding the importance of getting a return on your e-business investment is vital for success. You will learn how to measure ROI and what the expected costs of a web-based project can be.
6) New! E-Business Planning: Integrating the “E” into Your Business Plan  |  PDF 171 KB
This Info-Guide will outline the importance of planning in any business endeavour. It will explain how e-business activities can be readily incorporated into a typical business plan. It will teach you how to identify e-business opportunities and challenges, and integrate appropriate e-business activities into your own business plan.
7) E-Business Glossary  |  PDF 226 KB
Our concise E-Business Glossary will help you make sense of today's
e-business jargon. Explore over 150 essential e-business terms explained in plain English.
8) Planning Your Online Store  |  PDF 193 KB
There are a variety of ways for a business to set up shop online. Whether adding an e-business component to existing services or building an online store from scratch, planning provides the best way for businesses to chart their path to success.
9) Strategic Planning  |  PDF 195 KB
This guide will help you align your online and traditional business activities and that both support your firm's goals, objectives, and values. The Core Business Model is a model specifically designed to assist companies in developing their e-business strategy.
10) Developing an E-Business Plan  |  PDF 129 KB
The e-business planning process is very similar to developing a traditional business plan. The major difference, however, is that it includes the web as a new medium of communications and business.
11) Domain Name Registration  |  PDF 134 KB
This guide provides you with some tips on how to come up with an effective domain name and how to go about registering it.
12) E-Purchasing for Business  |  PDF 128 KB
The web offers professional purchasers a diverse range of online buying forums with varying levels of features, complexity and cost. This Info-guide explores different online purchasing options.

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