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Writing for the E-Business Alberta Blog

A guide to writing consistent and well formed posts in the E-Business Alberta Blog

In order to maintain a standard look and feel to our blog, we ask that you use the following guidelines to write you posts:

  1. Please keep posts under 300 words
  2. Please limit your posts to one, easy to follow, e-business topic
  3. Please follow our style guide for entering content

E-Business Alberta blog style guide

Once you have logged in, click the Write tab to begin writing a post.
Note: The blogging system does some auto-formatting so it is not necessary for post to be entirely written in HTML. The following should address most concerns.

The title box

The title box automatically formats the title text as follows: <h2><a href="htp://">title text</a></h2>. So please do not add any link or header tags to the title.

The summary box

The summary box is meant to contain a short text description of the content of the post. One or two lines will be sufficient.

The text entry box:

The text entry box supports HTML, so if you feel comfortable you can code away. It also preserves line breaks, and interprets them as a break or a new paragraph. Consequently, there is no need to use the <p></p> tags.

  • Hitting enter once creates a line break
  • Hitting enter twice creates a new paragraph

Using the Quicktags

Highlight the text you wish to enclose in html tags and then click the desired Quicktag button. Your selection will then be wrapped in the desired tag.

note: Inside of any opening tag you can add the title attribute (title="your desired text"), to add a hover-over description to that element.

ex. This is a small quote from Dave, we thank him for his input.

The code for this quote is: <q title="Dave Olsen, 2005">a small quote from Dave</q>

Quicktag buttons:

  • b returns the <strong> </strong> tags and should be used for sub-headings (or as needed)
  • i returns the <em></em> tags and should be used for emphasis
  • The link tag creates a hyperlink. Use title to add description
  • blockquote returns text as follows:
    This is text within the blockquote tag. It will be more obvious how this works if there is a lot of text. The blockquote tag is used for a quotation that is longer than just one line. A paragraph of quoted text should be put in a blockquote tag, and will display differently than a small quotation which should be in a cite tag.
  • del is for content that is no longer wanted, but an indication of it being struck out is important. A title attribute can be used to show information concerning the strikeout.
  • ins is for newly inserted content. A title attribute can be used to show information concerning the insertion.
  • The image tag can be used to insert pictures. A hyperlink to the location is required, as well as the alt attribute which gives a description of the image in the case it does not appear.
  • ul returns <ul></ul> which encloses an un-ordered list
  • ol returns <ol></ol> which encloses an ordered list
  • li returns <li></li> which encloses each bullet within both types of lists.
  • code returns <code> some html <code>, and should be used to indicate computer code. note: Opening and closing angle brackets must be indicated by: & l t ; and & g t ; when inside the code tag.
  • Lookup will search the meaning of the highlighted word on
  • Tags opened with the Quicktags buttons without having the word highlighted, can be closed by the Close Tags button.

Useful tags that are not included in the Quicktags:

  • The h3 tag can be used for headings within the post.
  • The q tag should be used for small quotations that do not require a paragraph break. The cite attribute in the q tag can be used to cite the URL of the quote.
  • The cite tag should be used to indicated the source of a small quote.

    Example of proper citing of small quotes
    John Doe had once said: What is happening here?

    <cite>John Doe</cite> had once said: <q cite="http://site">What is happening here?</q>


If you have any further questions, please email us!