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Receiving RSS Feeds

Just as a recap, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows users to get up-to-date information from web sites. The E-Future Centre has an RSS feed from its ebusiness blog, so if you use an aggregator (application to view RSS feeds) you can have instant access to our blog.

Why are RSS feeds useful? If there are topics and sites that you look at regularly, you can view the most recent content through one source. For example, the E-Future Centre is continuously posting articles on technology, ebusiness and ecommerce, you can use RSS to follow all of our most recent additions. If I want to get up-to-date information from a variety of sources each day, rather than visiting each individual site, I can use RSS feeds. When I open my aggregator, I can get the newest content from all my favorite information sources, without having to view the sites individually.

How to view the E-Future Centre’s RSS feed? First you will need an aggregator, for a web based, Mac X, Windows or Linux program, click here. If you encounter any problems receiving RSS feeds with downloadable programs, try using a web based aggregator. If you plan on reading your RSS feeds from multiple locations a web based aggregator can be accessed from multiple locations. Once you have your aggregator you will need to add the channel of the RSS feed you would like to receive. The URL to the E-Future Centre’s RSS feed is (copy and paste link to aggregator).

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