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Find Business Directories for Your Needs

In response to a previous post “Don’t Forget Web Directories - For Providers and Consumers“, we received the following question:

” I am curious to know if there is a directory of directories, or a specialized search that only returns results from directories? “

To our knowledge there is no specialized online service for exclusively searching directories. The best option is to pound the pavement and look for directories that suite your needs. A good first step would be going to or Yahoo Directories and start looking there for general directories and industry specific directories.

If you are in Alberta, one option would be to contact The Business Link’s library at 1-800-272-9675. They will be able to help you located some industry specific directories.

One Response to “Find Business Directories for Your Needs”

  1. Mat Siltala Says:

    I have found a great list of directories at and that is the best place to start looking for quality directories. Its one thing to find a directory that has a good page rank, but finding one with a good page rank that lets you submit multiple links is another story. I have a premium submission service on my internet directory that gets you 6 quality links to your site for only 29.95 I can help you with any other directory questions you may have as well.

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