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Conducting Business over Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging probably reminds you of chatting with friends, juggling 2 or more conversations at once, and even sending the odd jpeg or mp3. It is unlikely that many of us associate it with the core functions of our business, but why shouldn’t we? Instant Messaging and Small Business from the Small Office, Home Office Information blog shows just how integral Instant Messaging has become to some small businesses.

The use of technology and the Internet in business operations

In my experience, e-business is only integrated with small businesses to the extent that the owners are aware of, and understand, the benefits that it can provide. I hope that this article will spark the imagination of you, the small business person or entrepreneur, as to the possibilities that are available through e-business practices.

We aim to promote the awareness and adoption of e-business practices among small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alberta. Do you need help implementing an e-business practice? Are you looking for informational resources on e-business for small business? Do you want to find out the latest on e-business possibilities? Call, click, or visit the Alberta E-Future Centre.

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  1. elm Says:

    A new Instant Messaging security application, “ChatPatrol” has been released and is available for download. (

  2. John Says:

    This is a great post. It is amazing what we can accomplish through the use
    of technology in our business. One of the key technologies for us has been
    online web conferencing for communication with our business partners, staff and clients. We have some great articles on how we use this technology on our blog at

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