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Market Your Business on the Web

The Web is an inexpensive way to boost your bottom line through marketing. Web sites are rapidly becoming the 21st centuries business card, brochure, catalog, customer-service center and marketing department rolled into one.

A Web site is not the only place to conduct your business. But it can provide two essential business functions: identity and service.

A Web site can effectively reach existing markets and even markets previously beyond your reach. Just as importantly, the buying public increasingly demands businesses have Web sites. A new prospect is as likely to ask, “What’s your Web site?” as to ask, “What’s your phone number?” Virtually every interactive function you perform with customers and prospects can be provided to some degree by a Web site ‘often faster, cheaper and more powerfully.’

Answering customer questions, tracking orders, communicating with clients and many more aspects of customer service can all be delivered via a Web site. Keep this in mind, however: Marketing and customer service on the Web are no different than marketing and customer service offline. The same fundamentals apply.

One Response to “Market Your Business on the Web”

  1. Michael Shandro Says:

    I agree. When I am looking for information about a product, service, or company I will often look on the web. This does not mean that I will necessarily buy it off of the web, but I may just go there to look for more information.

    It is important to have you own information available on the web, since potential customers may refer to third party information posted by other people that may not fully represent your product. Keep on top of what other people on the web have to say about your product or service in order to maintain a good web reputation. The only way to tell if you are properly represented on the web is to regularly perform searches of your company and product and see what others are saying about you. You may find a great testimonial that you didn’t even know about!

    While having a web presence is important, it is also imperative that you keep your website updated. Do this by designing a website that is easy to maintain. If you do not have the in-house expertise to do this, there are companies that offer content-managed and design services for a fee. There are many choices, so shop around for the one that you feel most comfortable with.

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