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Attention to detail pays

Spend just five minutes talking to a small business owner and they will reveal to you the passion they have for the work they do. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have an eye for detail when it comes to their respective work. However, this attention to detail may not always carry over to customer service.

Attention to detail does not go unnoticed by the customer as businessweek.com acknowledges. They cite Michael Levine, that Businesses insult customers every minute of every day. In the article Be Obsessive About Details, we learn the importance of doing just that. Why then does the good advice seem to be forgotten when it comes to e-business?

Unfortunately, customers are often offended when they visit the websites of small business; many times the offense is caused unknowingly. Sometimes it is due to a cluttered website, other times there is a lack of information. Attention to detail is a gift for some, but the rest should learn the importance it can play in keeping the attention of the customer. Building an Effective Website is one of the Alberta E-Future Centre’s info-guides that deals with the dos and don’ts of website creation. When small business owners learn the importance of attention to detail, they should see in increase in customer retention; and that pays.

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