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Supply Chain Management a vein of E-Business

Integration of Realities

Though many relationships exist between different business areas, two realities in today’s business world are becoming increasingly interconnected.

  1. E-Business (it is here whether you realize it or not)
  2. Supply Chain Management (it can make or break a company)

This may be preaching to the converted, but effective integration of the technology with Supply Chain Management has the capacity to produce astounding results.

It is about more than just jumping on the technology bandwagon, if you do this you will likely fall right back off, it is about creating an environment where essential information is available and able to be quickly processed in order to facilitate crucial supply chain decisions. It is about tracking, monitoring, and anticipating with greater accuracy the consumption of resources.

Supply Chain Management Info-Guide

Supply Chain Management has long been brewing as one of the hot topics in business. Some, such as Wal-Mart, seem to be doing it right, but can small businesses achieve a comparable level of coordination? The Supply Chain Management info-guide examines the relationship between technology and the supply chain from a perspective relevant to small business owners. It suggests a few questions to ask yourself about when creating your strategy for Supply Chain Management:

  • How can I make it easier for my customers to do business with me?
  • How can I take care of my existing channel partners?
  • How do I ensure my return on investment (ROI) for my technology investment?
  • How do I increase my market capitalization over the long term?

Have you been able to find a viable solution for your small business? Share your comments with us!

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