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E-Business Alberta | The Alberta E-Future Centre blog


E-Business on Even Ground

Technology is starting to level off the Business Playing Field. Thanks to the realization of Moore’s Law, the computing power needed to drive electronic devices is reducing in cost to levels now affordable for many small businesses.

As computers get cheaper, more powerful and more connected, technologies that were only available to the Wal-Marts of the world become available to the small fry.
(Technology Levels the Business Playing Field…)

Open Source

Cost reduction, in our digital age, has not been limited to microprocessors alone. Open Source software provides a virtual elimination of cost for many things from online shopping carts for your website, to pre-fabricated blogging systems.

Take advantage of Technology

The reduced cost of technology and software, coupled with increased reliability and user-friendliness, opens the door for small business owners to take control of their e-business activities, and fight with the big dogs for a bite at the bone.

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