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E-Business Fraud Protection

Countless small enterprises conduct business over the internet. Many of these interactions require sensitive information such as login IDs, passwords, personal information, and credit card numbers. The rampant spread of internet fraud can be met head on by small businesses; for their protection and that of their customers.

Take the first step

Whether you are operating out of a bricks and mortar shop, or somewhere in cyberspace, it is nearly impossible to stop all fraud. This is why small businesses must be proactive in stomping out online fraud. A recent article from startupjournal.com shows the difficulties and solutions that one small business owner encountered with regards to online fraud.

More than just a password

The security community has been saying this for years, yet single-factor authentication—user name and password—is still the Internet’s calling card, but it can’t last forever. Since anyone can be a target of fraud, small businesses need to imagine a Life Beyond Passwords. While we wait for more complex authentication and verification processes to emerge, a little creativity can go a long way in adding extra checks to protect ourselves, and our customers.

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