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Hello E-Business!

Goodbye Couch Potato

According to globetechnology.com trends are changing. Canadians between the age of 18 and 34 are spending more time on the Internet than any other media. Citing an Ipsos-Reid survey, they make the point that any advertiser looking at this demographic should be reevaluating their marketing strategies, if they haven’t already; reevaluating them to include the internet.
(Couch potato a dying breed in Canada…)

What is E-Business

Many people confuse e-business with e-commerce. Let us set the record straight once and for all with some over-simplified definitions.

Any form of business conducted electronically
Any form of transaction conducted electronically

E-Business profits small companies

Now that we know what e-business is, and that the demographic with the most disposable income uses the internet as its primary source of media, we can hear the masses crying “Hello E-Business!” There may still be those who think that developing an e-business component is superfluous activity, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

The miracle of an e-business strategy, from the perspective of a small business owner, is that it does not need to cost a small fortune to run. The affordable nature of the internet means that small businesses should reap greater returns from a carefully planned e-business strategy than their large corporate counterparts.

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