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The Cell phone revolution

Cell Phones Now Playing Role of Wallet, and what are small business owners to do?

Already a device of multiple disguises, from camera to music player and mini-TV, the cell phone’s next trick may be the disappearing wallet. After all, since more than a quarter of the people on the planet already carry around cell phones, and hundreds of millions are joining them every year, why should they bring along credit and debit cards when a mobile device can make payments just as well?

How will small businesses deal with the takeover of cell phones?

Cell phones are already being used as debit cards in Japan; and events are in motion that will see them become credit card capable. This is fine and dandy for cell phone users, but what does it mean to small business owners?

The time of buying groceries with your cell phone is still a little down the road (in Canada), however, it is high time that small business owners started paying attention to technology. Times are changing quickly, and if small businesses plan on staying in business they need to pick up the pace of adopting new technologies.

Competitive Advantage Rules

Beauty Spas are not uncommon, therefore it is hard to get a leg up on the competition. Now imagine a Spa that offers online booking, small-screen website compatibility, and the ability pay with the wave of a cell phone… Now that is competitive advantage!

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