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Recent Survey Reveals Consumer’s Low Tolerance For e-Commerce Failures

We’re just over a decade into e-commerce and many of us are savvy online consumers. Now, how many of us are no longer willing to put-up with online shopping experiences that do not measure up to our expectations?

Well, a consumer survey commissioned by Tealeaf reveals that, for a third consecutive year, nearly 9 out of 10 online consumers have experienced problems. What is more, 42% of these people who’ve had bad experiences have switched to a competitor or have simply abandoned the transaction.

But the problems persist beyond the online storefront and into the call centres. The survey shows that 53% of online customers with issues will contact customer service. Of these, 49% did not have their issue resolved, 68% felt that the service agent demonstrated poor knowledge of the website and 70% did not believe the agents even understood their issue. The survey points-out how poor back-end customer service leads to a second wave of abandonment and even complaints to the BBB.

So, you’ve attracted many customers who are willing to part with their money for your product or service – very good! But what (and how) are you doing when it comes to keeping the customer with good after sales customer service? Would you, as a customer, be satisfied with the e-commerce and in-person support service you provide?

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