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Internet Security Brown Bag Presentation

Spim & Spam? Viruses & Worms? Firewalls? What does it all mean and how can I protect myself? This presentation covers all this along with the anatomy of a “hack”, domain names, IP addresses, email headers, whois lookups, and how to protect yourself and your computer-all presented in a way that is applicable to a wide range of technical abilities.
Presenter: David Papp – Microtek Corporation

Date: Thursday, November 1, 2007
Time: 12 noon – 1 pm
Location: From Edmonton and VCed throughout Alberta - details
Cost: FREE

On the topic of Internet security…

Top 12 scariest Web Applications
Halloween is just around the corner and Bit9 has just come out with this year’s ranking of the Top 12 popular applications that may cause security issues for your website or network.

To make the list, the applications must, among other things: run on MS Windows, be well-known to consumers and be frequently downloaded. Hence, people love to use these species that roam wild on the Internet. This poses an obvious challenge for IT due to the “unknown threat across the environment”.

Bit9 recommends the following to businesses:
• Define policy for programs, including determining what applications the business will allow its employees to install and recourse in the event of a vulnerability
• Understand what applications are used by the business – perhaps use a software identification service to understand what type of software is installed on PCs and why.

Read the article.

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