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Upcoming Business Camps from Student Connections

August 29–30

Student Connections is offering a series of courses to help your business establish itself in the world of e-commerce. Our classes will focus on topics as varied as internet security to marketing your business online. A full course listing follows.

  • The Internet and Business — August 29, 4:30pm
    Using the Internet to communicate and network across the world or down the street can improve productivity and the effectiveness of business.
  • Security and Business — August 29, 5:30pm
    Protecting your business online is paramount for you and your customers.
  • Selling Online — August 30, 4:30pm
    Whether using eBay or setting up your own store, selling your product online can be easy and profitable.
  • Search Engine Optimization — August 30, 5:30pm
    Using SEO techniques on your website can help increase page views and bring in more potential customers.
  • Marketing Strategies — August 31, 4:30pm
    Using multiple forms of media to expose your business, product, or service to potential customers is more important in succeeding in a crowded marketplace.
  • Marketing Manual — August 31, 5:30pm
    The Student Connections Marketing Manual gives a great outline of different marketing strategies to help you get your name out to potential customers.

Cost: $20 per person, per course or $30 per person, per day

To register or for more information, please contact Student Connections at 492-1397 or [email protected]
We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events!

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