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There is Much More to Online Marketing than Google AdWords

The basics of online marketing share and distribution tell us that it is a wise strategy to put our advertising eggs in many baskets. In certain target markets and regions, Google AdWords is said to only have a 40% share. If such is your situation you will indeed have to diversify your paid search campaigns beyond Google AdWords if you hope to capture the remainder 60%.

If you want a jump on your competition that is only advertising on AdWords take a look at the following major search marketing companies: Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN adCentre and, Ask Sponsored Listings.

To expand your reach even further, you may want to consider using secondary level marketing companies. There are many of these companies and they may allow you to connect with the client that was just waiting for you.

For a list if these Google AdWords alternatives read this article.

To read further on Online Marketing you may review the following info-guide: Internet Marketing

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