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VoIP For E-Business

VoIP is becoming more popular, there are TV commercials and banner ads on web sites promoting it, but what is it?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, simply speaking “talking over the Internet”. There is a very simple explanation at CNET’s that is worth reading. In this blog post we will look at one of the potential benefits of using VoIP in your business.

If your small business is doing a lot of long distance communication, using VoIP may save your company some long distance or conference call charges. However, VoIP may not be a perfect fit in all small businesses. “Net Phones” are software programs that allow VoIP calls from a standard PC. The available “Net Phone” software packages all provided slightly different features, so your needs will dictate which is right for you.

These “Net Phones” allows users to make voice calls over the internet in three basic methods:

  • PC-to-PC,
  • PC-to-Phone,
  • Phone-to-Phone.

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