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Are You doing Regular Web Site Maintenance?

Are you performing regular maintenance to your business web site? If you are not then reconsider as maintenance to a web site is extremely important, especially for a small and medium sized business.

The reasons for regular web site maintenance:

  • People judge your web site on appearance and they judge in less then a second. What a person thinks of your web site is what they think of your business. Therefore, broken links, images that don’t show up will make it very easy for people to judge your web site a poor and in turn people will assume that you business is not professional or your products are sub-standard.
  • Repeat visits will increase, encouraging people to coming back to see what is new on your web page. (e.i. tips, articles or new promotions.
  • Search engines will place sites that are updated more often higher in there results pages. Search engines feel that the more recently a site has been updated the more likely that it contains up-to-date information. The higher your placement in a search engine the more traffic you will receive.
  • Will allow you to coordinate marketing strategy. If you are having a sale for example you can have your site reflex your print or television ads. This will help to maximize your marking strategy.

Remember that you do not have to update the whole site at once. If you break up your site maintenance it will not seem as big of a task.

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