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What is a Domain Name?

An IP (Internet protocol) address is the numeric code that identifies a computers or other device connected to the Internet, each device has a unique IP. Imagine if your clients had to remember your IP address a 12 digits long number to get to your website. The domain name is just an easy for internet to be more user friendly. Rather then remembering a long IP address Internet users can remember domain names. Without going into too much detail a domain name is connected or associated with a server’s IP address. Therefore, when you type in a domain name into your web browser, for example, it goes to our web site.

Obtaining a domain name is very easy and your web host will do the IP address and domain name association for you. You can change domain names, add/remove domain names, change web host or servers nothing if fixed so no need to work about upgrades or changes. Don’t be intimidated by the technical side of ebusiness.

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