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Dealing with spelling variations when doing search engine optimization

Words with Mulitiple Spellings Like: Centre or Center?
In order to deal with spelling variations it is best to optimize your webpage or website for both spellings.

For example The Alberta E-Future Centre maybe spelled with the American spelling the Alberta E-Future Center. In Canada with the British influence and the American influence it in not always clear which spelling Canadians will use. Clearly if we only optimize our webpage for the British spelling centre then Canadians who searched for the term The Alberta E-Future Center could potenially . If we were a business focused on American business then using the spelling Center for the Alberta E-Future Center is obviously important. Surprisingly spelling variations can make a difference when doing search engine optimization.
Example of Spelling Variation Issue
A client has visited the Alberta E-Future Centre and acquired some e-business resources. The client misplaced the material and decides to look up the information on our website. They access a search engine and types in Alberta E-Future Centre. Depending on how our pages are optimized our client may not find our site. There it is even more likely that our site will not be found if the E-Future Center is used because instead of the three keywords the client is using only two.
What if a word has a unique spellng like E-Future in The Alberta E-Future Centre?
This is another case were it is a good idea to optimize for multiple ways of spelling a word. The Alberta E-Future Centre use E-Future but on the internet e-business and e-commerce are often spelled ebusiness and ecommerce. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that E-Future may be spelled efuture. So now we have the combinations The Alberta E-Future Centre, The Alberta E-Future Center, The Alberta Efuture Centre and The Alberta Efuture Center that all have to be optimize.
Example of Unique Spelling Issue
A client has visited the Alberta E-Future Centre and is talking to a colleage about our services. The colleage is very interested in our services and asks for the url. The client has a lot on his/her mind and says The colleage goes home and types in our url and does not get our page, as our web address is So they go to a search engine and types in efuture and does not find our website. Out of frustration the person would give up never finding our website.

Potentially we could have lost both of these example clients from a lack of consideration of different spellings.

The E-future Centre recommends reading these information guides if you want more information on e-business and search engine optimization.

The Alberta E-Future Centre can help you start up a new e-business.

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