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E-Business Info-Guides

The Alberta E-Future Centre's 36 e-business Info-Guides are free documents, available in HTML & PDF, that have been created to help small business owners understand e-business and how to take advantage of online business opportunities.

The Info-Guides focus on key topics, such as e-business planning and strategy, web site design, Internet marketing, Internet security and privacy, selling online, and business-to-business e-commerce.

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Legal Info-Guides

1) New! Online Legal Issues  |  PDF 160 KB
A lot of confusion exists on how the law affects e-business. Read how contracts, legal regulations, and intellectual property may affect your online operations.
2) New! Internet Privacy  |  PDF 162 KB
Discover the importance of having a privacy policy and how PIPEDA, PIPA, and the laws of other countries will affect how you operate your e-business.
3) New! Internet Security  |  PDF 163 KB
Learn about the importance of computer security on the Internet, data isolation, backup, firewalls, malicious software, encryption, and gain practical tips on how to protect yourself from security threats on the Internet.
4) Secure E-Transactions  |  PDF 143 KB
There are several technologies being used to help secure online transactions. This Info-Guide outlines the basic concepts of how they work.
5) Avoiding E-Fraud  |  PDF 128 KB
The anonymous nature of the Internet has left it vulnerable to the potential threat of e-fraud. This Info-Guide includes tips that will help you ensure that you never become a victim of e-fraud.

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